Category: From the Regional Executive

August 2019 Remarks

Imagine learning to drive in today’s environment of crazy drivers and never ending construction. We are trying to help by hosting Street Survival schools.

July 2019 Remarks

Motorsports is very different than other hobbies where you might find inner peace, a better sense of self, a broader perspective on life, a hoppy smoothness, or buns of steel. The shared passion, love, excitement, challenge, sacrifice, determination, danger, disappointment, commitment, success, and adrenalin bonds so many of us as lifelong friends.

June 2019 REmarks

Hello Everyone,   I would like to thank all of our military for their service. Their sacrifice and duty deserve our utmost respect and thanks.  We just concluded our first street survival of the year...

March 2019 REmarks

I am happy to see that we have a great looking 2019 schedule. Many of our members have been working on scheduling our Road Tours, Track Days, Autocrosses, Club Races, membership meetings, Street Survivals, and many other events.

January 2019 REmarks

Hello Everyone, The holidays bring family and friends together and many times it comes with different opinions and perspectives. Our boards have a similar diversity. We usually work quite well on discussing with an...

December 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone, We just had the Chicago Region, SCCA Annual meeting that was well attended, thanks to all of you. I always enjoy seeing people at our race events and having a little more...