March 2005 REmarks

Welcome to the newly reborn Piston Patter.

This first edition is due to the hard work of our new editor, Carole Brown, with the assistance of past editor and current BOD member Tom Maycock.

Carole has stepped forward into the frying pan, and I think she is going to deal with the heat very well. As the season gets started, I just want to highlight a few milestones for this year:

-Another fully attended Solo season
-Two PDCs (Performance Driving Clinics, formerly High Performance Car Control Clinics) co sponsored by the Chicago and Milwaukee regions.
-Our first regional race at the new Autobahn Country Club in Joliet
-The Area 5 Regional Championship race series
-The 50th running of the June Sprints at Road America
Additionally, in March we have the Prospective members Seminar on Sunday, March 13th, and the Worker Appreciation Party on Sunday, March 20th, both sponsored by our good friend Rick Mancuso and held at Lake Forest Sportscars.

Finally, I need to thank Claire Ball for this year’s Auto Show display:

4000 square feet, lots of cars, one of our rescue trucks, video, and the best display we have had in a long time. I give a big heartfelt thanks to Claire and all of the region members who worked at the display or providing a racecar, or providing their time and effort.

Best regards,

Scott Sanda
RE, Chicago Region SCCA