Chicago Region Contacts

Board of Directors

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Regional Executive Erik Van-der-Mey 630-327-6173
Director Steve Laske 630-495-3820
Director Roger Vilmur 847-359-7624
Director Ed Locke 630-853-2144
Director Bob Stone 630-926-3894
Director Steve Greenhill 847-727-0999
Director Michael Varacins 847-571-4502
Director Linda Novak 847-934-3905
Director Anthony Serrecchia 847-997-4845

Club Office

Office ManagerGeorge Laws847-729-2211708-784-0642 (Fax)
Mailing Address
Chicago Region SCCA
921 Lawn Cir
Western Springs, IL 60558-2262
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Competition Committee

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Chairman George Laws 847-729-2211
Asst. Chairman, Secretary Ed Locke 630-853-2144
Treasurer George Laws 847-729-2211
BOD Liaison Bob Stone 630-926-3894
Drivers Liaison Scott Sanda 708-205-5852
Starters Liaison Jim Marinangel 815-331-6440
Race Chair Liaison, Grid Liaison
Stewards Liaison Kevin Coulter 630-985-5996
Registration Liaison Ed Locke 630-853-2144
Emergency Services Liaison, Course Marshal Liaison Phil Bresnahan 708-446-2453
Tech Liaison
Pit Liaison, Paddock Liaison Dennis Bednar 815-482-1207
Sponsorship Liaison Bob Stone 630-926-3894
At Large Roger Vilmur847-359-7624
At Large Chris Buccola 847-770-3160


Club Office847-729-2211

Membership Communication

Erik Van-der-mey630-206-2900
Steve Laske630-495-3820

Piston Patter

EditorClaire Ball847-660-3460
EditorPeg Ball847-660-3460

Track Events (Track Days/Time Trials) Committee

Send an email to the Track Events Committee

ChairmanAnthony Serrecchia847-997-4845
Asst. ChairmanTodd Gray630-781-4330
SecretaryRick Bentson708-289-5254
TreasurerGeorge Laws847-729-2211


ManagerJohn Sutton815-248-9301


Chicago Region SCCA does not currently have a rallycross program. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the below Board of Directors Liaison.

BOD LiaisonChris Gregor630-661-7167

Road Racing Administrators

Area 5 DirectorPeter Jankovskis630-738-0288
Competition LicenseBob Clark262-317-1225
Course MarshalsJeff Jordan815-545-9012
Emergency ServicesPhil Bresnahan708-466-2453
F & CJeff Reglin815-716-7308
GridJim Maloney630-607-9560
MembershipClub Office 847-729-2211
PaddockSkip Werntz815-742-3695
Party CoordinatorClub Office847-729-2211
Pit MarshallDennis Bednar815-482-1207
Race Chairpersons
RegistrationHelga Meyer219-838-9232
Sound ControlClub Office847-729-2211
StartersRich Ryan773-274-8274
StewardsKevin Coulter630-985-5996
TechJoe Griffin630-399-8276
Timing & ScoringClub Office847-729-2211

Autocross/Solo Committee

Send an email to the Autocross Committee

ChairmanMike Razny224-545-7833
DirectorChris Perry517-896-0235
Director/Online RegistrarDrew Tonnesen847-302-5365
DirectorKati Bianchi815-557-7354
DirectorChris Gregor630-661-7167
PointskeeperKenton Cabiness630-661-3513