February 2006 REmarks

The Long awaited June Sprints Issue!

How do I sum up the 50th running of the June Sprints in a single column? I’m not really sure, but I’m going to start with the summary excerpt from the Official Observers Report, which was written by the Chairman of the SOM, Angelo Gazzola:

“The 2005 June Sprints was a well planned and a well-executed race. The overall theme of “This is not just another race,” is very true. Chicago Region celebrated the fiftieth running of the June Sprints in 2005. Any national race with more than 440 entries is going to have its difficult moments, and this race was no exception. The staff, from the Chief Steward on down, met each one of those challenges, and solved them in the best possible manner. The staffing levels were excellent in all specialties. The specialties staffing levels by day were: Thursday – 34, Friday – 272, Saturday – 356, and Sunday – 340. The number of stewards attending the event was equally as impressive. There were a total of thirty-two stewards assigned to various positions. There were stewards from almost every division in the country in attendance. The thirty-two stewards represent close to ten percent of all licensed stewards in the country.”

The observers report covers the basics very well, but by its very nature, I can’t get into some of the items that make the event what it is.

  • We had over $40,000 in sponsorship, comprised of product, certificates, and money. Autometer gave out a Check for $5000 to one winner. Northstar Motorsports gave product certificates to every 4th, 5th, 6th, and Last place finisher. Each run group had title, secondary and other sponsors and all of them are listed in another section of this issue. Some of this sponsorship went to the workers but most of it went to the drivers.
  • We had Carroll Shelby as the Grand marshal! Mr. Shelby joined us for dinner, toured the track, visited with the corners and its workers, and signed autographs. We want him back next year, but if he comes he will be incognito so he can have some time to just enjoy the event.
  • We presented a display copy of the contract for the first ever Road race held at Road America to George Bruggenthies. Portions of this document are included in this issue. The full reprint will be in the March issue. It is interesting reading.
  • We had 24 potential Triple Crown winners at the close of the event. 15 of these winners went on to win their divisions, which shows the level of competition, and 2 drivers, Brad Stout in a FV and Nikki Coello in an FC went on to win the runoffs and the Triple Crown (which just shows the level of competition at the Runoffs as well).

I won’t say the weekend went off without a hitch, but it was as close as you can get close. The 2006 June Sprints planning started 2 weeks after the 2005 event, with a debrief and meeting of all of the staff, and has been progressing ever since.

Come out for the 2006 June Sprints, its Not Just Another Race!


Scott Sanda
RE, Chicago Region SCCA