2014 Nominating Committee

It’s time to fill the Board! The Chicago Region Board of Directors once again has three terms expiring. Dorn Lynch, Claire Ball, and Rick Bentson are all finishing their term, and all are eligible to return for another 3 year term if so elected and so willing.

The Region’s Bylaws require that a Nominating Committee be created with the purpose of recruiting potential replacements for these positions and selecting individuals to nominate. These nominations will be presented at the October General Membership meeting, where they may be voted into the Board of Directors positions.

The Region’s Bylaws define the structure of the Nominating Committee to be comprised of seven individuals. Three of these individuals are appointed by the existing Board of Directors. The other four individuals are proposed to the general membership, and if they so desire the general membership may respond with an alternate slate of four to act in this capacity.

The three individuals appointed by the Board of Directors in 2014 are:

  • Bob Lindsay
  • Peg Ball
  • Greg Meier

The four individuals proposed for the committee are:

  • Chris Gregor
  • Erik Vandermey
  • Jim Marinangel
  • Tracy Ramsey

The notice of this proposed committee is hereby given on May 19, 2014. This notice will also be distributed by email to all regular members on file for the Chicago Region. The General Membership is asked to respond by June 1 if they wish to propose an alternate slate of four, and to have that alternate slate available by June 20, 2014. If an intent to propose an alternate slate is not received by the club office by June 1, the committee proposed above will convene and set about their task of filling these Board of Directors positions.