April 2015 REmarks

Posted April 7, 2015


By now, I and a couple hundred other Chicago Region members were expecting to be completing final preparations for the first Chicago Region Solo event of the season, and making plans for events 2, 3 and 4. But for reasons beyond our control, that isn’t happening. Long story short, our long-time Solo site, RT 66 Dragway in Joliet, may not be available to us any longer. Certainly not this spring, and if at all, probably not until late summer. Complicating the issue, RT 66 didn’t let us know until late in the game, and now the few viable alternate sites that allow autocross events are already mostly booked.

In order to salvage something of a Solo season for Chicago Region we have to get creative, and perhaps be willing to travel. We may well be doing joint events with other regions and organizations or heading to places like Rantoul, IL. and Peru, IN.

On its face this is a disaster unfolding. But what I’ve seen in the past couple weeks reinforces my belief that Chicago Region has some truly tremendous members. Our Solo organizers and participants, led by Solo committee chairman Greg Meier and including Mike Razny, Bob Lindsay and others…