May 2015 REmarks

Posted May 11, 2015

Solo – It’s on! Depending on when you are reading this we are either about to hold on May 2 our first Solo event or the year or it’s just been completed. Thanks to Milwaukee Region for allowing us to play in their sandbox, our first event is being held at Miller Park (Brewer’s stadium) in Milwaukee, the same site Milwaukee Region uses. As of this writing we have 63 entries for the event, half or less than a typical Chicago Region Solo, but not bad considering the event was announced just 8 days prior to May 2, it’s on a Saturday, and it’s in Milwaukee.

So when and where is event# 2? Stay tuned – it’s still a work in progress. This could be a season in which Solo competitors leave each event without knowing when or where the next one will be held. But once again, many thanks to all the hard work Solo Chairman Greg Meier and his committee have put in to salvage a Solo season.

April Spring Membership Meeting – if you were unable to attend the membership meeting, you missed a very interesting and informative presentation by Chicago Region member Pete Calhoun, Manager of Motorsports for BF Goodrich/Michelin. Those in the audience learned quite a bit about those 4 black donuts we ride around on as well as a good bit of Michelin’s history and philosophy.

Also at the April membership meeting the board of directors announced…