September 2015 REmarks

Posted September 6, 2015

Are you kidding me?! It’s September already? Labor Day is in just a few days. Where did the Summer of 2015 go to? Seems like the season was just getting started and now it’s nearly over.

Not that there aren’t still things to do after Labor Day. The Solo Nationals are Labor Day week and as usual Chicago Region has a hefty group of competitors heading for Lincoln, NE to do battle against, oh, about 1,200 of the best Soloists in the country. Final preparations are underway and our competitors will begin heading west in just a couple days. Good luck to all! Let’s bring the bling back to Chicago.

Two weeks after the Solo Nationals get underway, the Club Racing folks get their shot at fame and fortune (well, fame anyway) at the SCCA National Runoffs in Daytona. From Sept. 21-28 the W2W will determine who’s the best, at least this year. And how about Spec Miata running under the lights at Daytona. Those guys gotta be pumped.

All the action this fall isn’t outside our area though…