10th Annual Race and Performance Expo, February 25-26, 2017

Once again the Chicago Region had a booth at the Race & Performance Expo to promote or sport and club activities. The booth was staffed with volunteers who spent some of their time talking with people about the SCCA, Chicago Region, and the opportunities we offer to get involved with motorsports. There was also plenty of time for our staff members to wander the show floor and see the exhibits, all for free. Chicago Region covered the show entry fee for those who lent a hand. To help draw attention we had Erik Vandermey’s Mazda MX-5 Super Street Mod, Solo car and from Blackdog Speed Shop their Pirelli World Challenge GTS, Camaro Z28.R road racing car. Besides the competition cars in our display there were several others on the Schaumburg Convention Center floor that our members found interesting.

If you have an interest in what we do within the club come out and help others get involved with motorsports. When Chicago Region member Marcel Berkhout was asked why he volunteers he responded; “I help out because four years ago, the volunteers at the SCCA Chicago Region donated their time to introduce me to what now has become my passion. If they did not volunteer, I would have never been introduced to this fantastic hobby. So I am giving back to the Chicago Region SCCA to help educate and     ignite the passion in others, and what is better than sharing the things you love to do”!

The Chicago Region would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to those that came out and helped this year, your help and support is greatly appreciated. From Blackdog Speed Shop; Ray Soreenson, and Joel, and from the Chicago Region the following that were on the staffing list. Dennis Bednar, Marcel Berkhout, Dylan Hauge, Dan Goof, John and Reily Martin, John Kreutzer, Bill Luxon, Jim Marinangel, Bill Crawford, Todd Green, Jack Novak, Erik Vandermey, Tracy Ramsey, Chris Gregor, Steve Laske, and Peg and Claire Ball. We also what to thank those that just stopped and helped that were not on the list.

We hope that more of you can find the time to help by volunteering at events like this in the future.