2017 Annual Membership Meeting

On Wednesday, November 15th the Chicago Region held its Annual Meeting at K1-Speed, 2381 W Army Trail Rd, Addison, IL.  “RE” Rick Bentson called the meeting to order and promised the fifty plus people in attendance he would keep the meeting moving so as not to be to terribly painful. The Directors from the 2017 region board gave their year end reports as did the Competition Committee Chairman.  This year the Chicago Region along with Milwaukee and Blackhawk Valley Regions conducted a road racing drivers school.  Chicago Region also ran eight road racing contests.  Solo held their Learning Curve Drivers School, nine autocross events all at Route 66 Raceway and two Tire Rack Street Survival events.  The Performance Driving Experience group conducted six events this year allowing those that wish to drive their cars at speed in a safe environment to do so.  The rally group put on two backroads tours culminating in a social gathering for those that participated.  Some of these events weren’t as successful as we had hoped, but overall the Chicago Region had a very successful year and plans for next year are already beginning.   If you would like to become involved in one or more of these exciting events, as a participant, volunteer, or committee member contact the club office at 847-729-2211 or specialty chief for more details. 
Per the Bylaws of the Chicago Region every year at this meeting the Nominating Committee presents their slate of new candidates for the Board of Directors.  This year’s nominating committee chair Anthony Serrecchia presented three individuals to be elected to the Board.  They are Adam Gottlieb, Peter Jankovskis, and Ed Locke.  In accordance with the bylaws the Region’s Secretary cast one unanimous ballot for each candidate electing them to a three year term on the board.  With that accomplished Rick Bentson welcomed the new members to the board and then thanked retiring members Dorn Lynch, Claire Ball, for their help and support of the past several years and Rick announced his retirement also after serving two consecutive terms and four years as Regional Executive.
With the official business completed we moved on to the program for the evening.  Once a year usually in the fall the Region will recognize our member’s celebrating a membership milestones from 5 years to 65 years.  Invitations were mailed to all recipients and those in attendance were identified and presented with their anniversary pin.   Elizabeth Martin, and Bart Surowka received 5 year pins.  Christine, Max, and Nicole Gregor, Chris and Lynda Jacobs, and Bob Stone each were presented with 10 year pins.  Ed Locke and Kathleen Marinangel received 15 and 30 year pins respectively.  Dennis Bednar, Don Bruno, and James Dorfman were given their 35 year pins.  At 45 years of continuous membership Rich and Faye Ryan and George and Mary Jane Laws were recognized and received their pins.  The following members have attained the distinction of fifty or more years of membership in the SCCA.  Betty Bovis, Richard Coath, Lester Fahlgren, and Peter Ritos have 50 years, Bonnie Gladish, Frank Riemann and Alan Sutton with 55.

Paul Zimmerman founder and owner of the Motorsport Collector joined this evening as well to talk about the motorsports collectable market.  Paul started the Motorsport Collector as a mail-order service in 1985 in his living room as a means to finance his amateur racing activities.  He told us that the business took off so quickly and successfully that he never climbed back into the car.  Ever since that moment he has promoted the appreciation and preservation of motor racing history for more than 30 years.  Paul told us that if you are new to the collectable market or have already begun your collection this is a good time to purchase items, the collectable market is still recovering and good deals are out there to be had.  He also informed us that he has entered the estate market and older pieces are becoming available that have sold out.  Over the years the collectable market has grown and changed but the Motorsport Collector continues to be a major source of high quality products and memorabilia to racing enthusiasts around the world.

 Paul’s gallery located at 5120 Belmont Rd # L, Downers Grove, IL 60515 and is filled with an extensive selection of books, models, artwork, event programs & posters, DVD & VHS media and other ephemera, providing enthusiasts with meaningful additions to their collections and to their knowledge and enjoyment of the sport.  You can also contact the Motorsport Collector via his website, motorsportcollector.com or motorsportcollector@gmail.com.
At the conclusion of the membership meeting the Region’s Board of Directors held an executive meeting.  With a quorum present those in attendance nominated and elected
        Chris Gregor as the 2018 Chicago Region, Regional Executive. 
With all of the business of the evening completed, everyone moved on, some hopped into a K1 Speed go cart, some continued to peruse Paul’s wares, and some slipped away to the bar for a libation or two.