March 2018 REmarks

Hello everyone, spring is just around the corner. Now is the time we are finalizing our schedules, our budgets and our plan for a successful 2018. The old saying “Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance” is very appropriate for this time of year.
There is another expression that also comes to mind, “No plan survives contact with the enemy”. This was heard in the early stages of the Iraq war and is thought to be a derivative of “No operation extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main body of the enemy”.
We as Chicago SCCA have had a plan and a budget and both have not survived the season. We have dealt with last minute safety rule changes, financial impacts that were not foreseen, and losing a race site to name a few. Many of you may not have been aware we have had any of that occur but there are many of you that were able to manage these issues and make it appear as nothing went wrong or were able to shovel the carnage and make it not stink as bad. (ok I liked the way “shovel the carnage” sounds and it isn’t from James Dean or Arnold)
If you see an event that was smoothly run and looked easy to execute, that is great, but don’t think for one moment that there weren’t any challenges or roadblocks. If there is an event that has gone sideways go ahead and contact me to complain (I take most complaints as an opportunity to improve) but in the meantime, please listen to any new instructions, offer your assistance and remember we are all volunteers.
I am looking forward to a great 2018, I love the smell of Hoosiers all day long.
Chris Gregor
Regional Executive- Chicago SCCA