April 2018 REmarks

Hello everyone, hopefully you have accomplished what you needed to prepare for the 2018 race season or at least you are very close. Now is the time when your work will pay off. Now is the time to have fun with cars. Now is the time to enjoy!

I have some of my fondest memories at the race track. Growing up near Santa-Fe Speedway I got a taste for a variety of racing as well as some clay. There were late models, imports, spectator, sprint cars, and demo derbies. Some of the same demo derby teams run at RT66 today. The passion for racing only continues to grow. There is the taste of clay but the smell of nitromethane is potent and if you have never seen a Top-Fuel dragster in person; words cannot describe the experience. I have been to Pole Day at INDY, and it was awesome. As much as I enjoyed these I am looking forward to working a corner, racing autocross, attending a track day and the 2018 June Sprints.

Remember your passion for our sports and you will be amazed on how contagious it will be. Don’t share too big of a smile when you are near racing fuel, people may get the wrong impression. Do share your smile when you do smell a fresh set of race rubber and you know the fun is about to start.

I am looking forward to a great 2018, I love the smell of Hoosiers all day long.

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive- Chicago SCCA