May 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone, let the race season begin. Isn’t it great to see all your race friends again? The fact that we are race fans and not employees does not stop us from being extremely professional, dedicated, capable, an example for many other regions. (Incredibly humble for a bunch of volunteers) Chicago SCCA is a great region for many reasons, but I love it because of the people.
We do spend a lot of time in our hobby for a relatively small amount of track time and for some people no track time at all. I guess that’s where “come for the racing stay for the fun” comes from. We get to see new cars or major rebuilds. We get to meet people that are just coming out for the first time and share their excitement. Hopefully they get some help from the veterans.
I have seen some of the most genuine kind hearts help a new person or a track rival with about anything they need from a car part or a blender drink. Like I said last month, remember your passion for our sport and you will be amazed on how contagious it will be.
Let’s all try to reach out to someone new, be that friendly face, and be that “go-to” person when they have a question. If they turn out to be a jerk or a pest like me, you get to know it before everyone else. Heck maybe they will become involved in the Region and even become an RE like me.

I am looking forward to a great 2018, I love the smell of Hoosiers all day long

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive- Chicago SCCA