November 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone,

We recently completed another Street Survival event. Huge thanks to everyone that coached or helped run the event. We couldn’t do it without you. Route 66 Raceway is also a big supporter and allows to use their facility free of charge so we owe them a big thanks. Lastly, Aaron Williams was able to bring his Knight Semi-Truck out; thank you to Aaron and Knight for their support. The day went well, all except the part where I set off the airbag demonstration. I am officially resigning being in charge of this display since I have failed, and I have no idea why. Please contact me if you would like to take this role.

The Solo season just finished up with their twin event and I thought I was ready for it. The differential in my RX8 was not happy from 11 years of racing,  it was starting to make some noise. I replaced it but then found a new noise that the car was not happy; a blown front wheel bearing. My son had come out with his Mazdaspeed 3 and we ended up running it for the first time in an autocross. It wasn’t competitive with tired all-season tires but was much more fun with the traction control off.

Our sister club TSSCC has a final event of the season at the Autobahn Country Club, “No cones, no course work, just driving, Trackcross!” It sounds like fun, but I probably can’t make it since my wheel bearings, the only two in the western hemisphere, according to Mazda, are coming from Canada. 

The Chicago Region, SCCA Annual meeting will be held at K1 Speed in Addison on Wednesday November 28th at 7:00 PM. Please come out and enjoy the company of your fellow region members. Please feel free to share any compliments with me or share and complaints with Tracy Ramsey.

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive
Chicago Region SCCA