July 2020 REmarks

A majority of our events in the first half of the year got cancelled or postponed. Now that things are opening back up, we find ourselves with a full calendar as all those cancelled/postponed events are looking for new dates. It would be worth your time to check out the calendar page on the website at least once a week for additions or changes. Look for the new colorful badges to indicate changes to events.

Cat Majors has been combined with The Kettle Regional – “The Cat in the Kettle”

Getting Back on Track

Our first post-lockdown event was the June Sprints. We had a very good turn out for both competitors and spectators. Weather was excellent but a little bit cool for my liking. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and my daughters enjoyed using my credit card at The Paddock Shop to purchase Road America sweatshirts and other gifts.

Our next two events were both at Autobahn Country Club the following weekend. On Saturday evening, TSSCC held its first TrackSprint on the South Track and on Sunday was our first Track Day on the North Track. Both events were well attended and implemented new COVID-19 guidelines including the new electronic SpeedWaiver function of Motorsport Reg. SpeedWaiver helped facilitate a minimal contact registration and check-in process at both events.

“The Best Seat in the House…”

Flag station inside of Corner 5 at Road America

You might have heard this phrase used to describe the excitement of being at a corner station at a race. Watching the action from just feet away from the racing surface, you’ll get a view that no spectator has access to — even on TV! Wait, TV? Did you know that SCCA volunteers staff IndyCar, IMSA and NASCAR events at Road America?

Corner station 3A at Road America

The current environment has some of our more seasoned volunteers sidelined and there are opportunities for new volunteers to jump into place. Get a trackside view of action at these premier events. If you’d like to get involved, contact Jeff Reglin to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Inside Corner 3 at Road America

See you at the track!

Erik Vandermey
Regional Executive, Chicago Region SCCA