2022 SCCA Annual Convention is Virtual!

The second-ever virtual SCCA National Convention, themed SCCA CONNECT 2022, is slated to take place online January 21–29 wherever you are seated! It will provide an even greater opportunity for Members, Region Leaders and Event Leadership to continue the pursuit of our collective Purpose of connecting car enthusiasts with memorable shared experiences.

The National Convention is again FREE to attend. The only thing to do is register today for SCCA CONNECT 2022 before holiday shenanigans divert your focus. SCCA President/CEO Mike Cobb also hopes everyone will make plans to watch the SCCA Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony revving things up from the very start.

“Again this year, SCCA’s Hall of Fame inductees are both epic and special. Don’t miss the ceremony and online show Friday, January 21, because there will be great stories, great memories, and likely some really funny moments,” Cobb said. “The traditional SCCA Annual Meeting, Convention Kickoff session, and Club Awards presentations will happen during the same broadcast, along with a special keynote speaker! So, register today for SCCA CONNECT 2022 and tune in for the fun. Better yet, make it a Region gathering and share the Club’s history together.”

Full schedule of sessions is available on the SCCA.com website.