August 2018 REmarks

Hello Everyone,
August is upon us and we still have a lot of events for 2018. The Chicago Region is participating in the Geneva Concours d’Elegance. We have been allowed to have a special section for the Region as well as our own award. If you have a car, or know someone that would like to be included, see the article below for details. Please  come out and support our region and attend the show.
Also in August, we have 2 track days, Track Day #5 @ Autobahn CC Track Day #6 @ Autobahn CC and the Kettle Moraine Double Divisional at Road America. Our sister club TSSCC is having two autocrosses at RT 66, MotorsportReg!And MotorsportReg! as our members are getting ready for the Solo Nationals in September.
Sorry about loading the message with links but it is sometimes easier to just click it. If you are reading this in a printed version you can go to our website or click on the links within the email. Everybody seems to access information in their own way.
I have a special request for everyone attending these events, please take pictures and shoot videos. The members that couldn’t attend will really appreciate it and maybe you will see some thinks that you may have missed. Feel free to post pictures of yourself and your car and if its rad it will really up your street cred. Insert sound of my children groaning and denying any relation with me. Good thing I am loud and get my letters published so you can share in their joy.
Hope you have a great day and always feel free to introduce yourself to me. I am terrible at names but I love meeting new people.
Chris Gregor
Regional Executive
Chicago Region SCCA