Petes Corner

April 2010

Hello all,

My name is Pete Allen and I am your new Chicago Region F&C administrator for 2010. Stew Edwards stepped retired and I will attempt to fill his shoes. I hope that we can make this a fun and exciting year for you. More importantly, I want your time at the track to what this hobby is all about, having a good time with friends and car racing.

Okay, let’s talk about the 2010 race season. I’ll say in advance that we could really use everyone’s help at every event every weekend.Take a look at the schedule located on or the Chicago Region websites and start making your plans. We will again provide post cards, but if you wish, you can register online. Make sure you register so that we can plan and make appropriate assignments. As usual I will try and honor all corner requests but there may be occasions we may need to make adjustments. We have a good team of Flag Chiefs and will make an effort to make each event fun. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (847) 224-5647 or at my email at

As we start the 2010 season, please take some time and think about how we are going to get more people involved in F&C and other specialties. We are the best sales force for our sport and it’s our job to discover new ways to sign new members. This effort is very important as our numbers are diminishing, as people move on to different phases of their lives. Remember it is all about the people coming together to make an event, t make new friends and new memories. We ask that this year, you take the time to talk to a friend, a family member, a stranger about SCCA and all the activities we do (not just F&C). You all have passes, use them and bring someone to the track. Go to the fence, talk to a spectator and let them know that they could be involved!

See you at the track!