Kettle Moraine Double – Now a 2015 Championship Race

Due to the rules set forth by the National Office as communicated in the April Fastrack and following the release of the 2014 National Runoffs dates, the Kettle Moraine race was determined to fall outside of the approved window for a 2014 Divisional Championship event eligible for Runoffs  qualification. A waiver was requested, and at the December National Board of Directors was brought to the floor for discussion. The motion to grant the waiver failed. Therefore, the Kettle Moraine Double has been reclassified as a 2015 CenDiv Divisional Championship race.

Details of the National Board of Directors meeting may be found here:

The schedule and calendar on the Chicago Region website has been modified accordingly, and the 2014 Central Division Divisional Championship Program document will be updated in the near future to reflect this change.