Online Sanctioning

Subject: SCCA Sanction Announcement #1 – NEW Online Sanctioning

The SCCA National Office would like to announce the launch of new Online Sanctioning functionality in the Member Account Portal (MAP) on January 1, 2021.

The benefits of Online Sanctioning will include electronic submission of sanction requests and post-event audits. New with Online Sanctioning, regions will have the ability calendar events immediately independently of sanction requests. Also included, functionality to view past, current and future events in the Event Sanctioning Dashboard.

Only members with authorized sanction requester permissions and Divisional Schedulers (Road Racing and Time Trials programs only) can manage the sanction process in MAP. This includes requesting sanctions and completing post event audits.

Sanction requester permissions are managed by the Regional Executive via MAP. For the purposes of preparing regions for online sanctioning, it is recommended that the Regional Executive assign appropriate sanction permissions in MAP for the 2021 event season prior to January 1.

This is the first of many communications regarding Online Sanctioning. Stay tuned!

Subject: SCCA Sanction Announcement #2 – Sanction Requester Permissions

COMING SOON, instructions on how to access and utilize the Online Sanctioning function for 2021 events.  In the meantime, it will be beneficial for regions to verify they have the necessary individuals set up as authorized Sanction Requesters in their region’s account. Only individuals who are set up as an authorized Sanction Requester in their region’s account will have the permissions required to enter events on the SCCA Calendar and submit a sanction request for insurance. Furthermore, an authorized Sanction Requester will only be able to enter events/request sanctions on behalf of their region of record.

You can confirm your region of record and status as an authorized Sanction Requester by first logging in to the Member Account Portal (MAP) at  Once logged in, click on the “My Account” tab and select “My Regions” in the drop-down sub menu.  If you do not see the “My Regions” menu item, you do not have any current region positions/permissions.  If you do have the “My Regions” option, but the list of Positions does not include “Sanction Requester”, you are not currently set up as an authorized Sanction Requester.     

Region Execs (REs) are responsible for authorizing their region’s Sanction Requesters. REs can do this online within the MAP or by written request to  The Sanction Requester term End Date should match their term expiration. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.  We want nothing more than a smooth transition into Online Sanctioning, therefore, any questions or concerns we can alleviate prior to “going live” will be in everyone’s best interest.  

SCCA Sanction Announcement #3 – Online Sanctioning Includes Online Post-Event Audit Entry

To better serve the region leadership, the new Online Sanctioning functionality will also provide post-event audit entry capabilities. Some regions/divisions have events hosted by multiple regions.  To utilize the online sanction and audit functionality for these multi-region hosted events, a primary “hosting region” must be chosen and will be required to complete the online sanction and audit processes from beginning to end.  Any additional hosting regions can be selected during the event entry process so they are tied to the event, but they will not have access to the Online Sanctioning and audit functionality for the event.

Please note:

  1. The electronic post-event audit option for an event will be available only for the hosting region that requested the sanction & insurance for the event.
  2. Post-event audit entry online will require an authorized sanction requester for the hosting region to enter the audit information.  Region Treasurers and REs will also have access to the Online Sanctioning functionality, which includes the online post-event audit functionality for their region. 
  3. Entering a post-event audit online will automatically generate an invoice, which can be viewed and paid by the hosting region in the Member Account Portal.

The $25 calendaring fee for Road Racing event weekends is will be discontinued beginning January 1, 2021; however, the applicable late post-event audit and/or late audit payment fees will be automatically applied for all programs/event types for audits and payments not submitted within the required timeframe.

2021 is rapidly approaching and we are preparing to begin external testing of the online sanction functionality.  We will await feedback from the testing before circulating any instructions or video tutorials. In the meantime, you will continue to receive information and updates as it becomes available.  Please carefully review the information you receive, and forward on to anyone else who will benefit from having the information. Do not hesitate to reach out to with any questions.  

Subject: SCCA Sanction Announcement #4 – Preparing for the 2021 Season

The 2021 Season is right around the corner.  We are preparing by continuing our efforts on the Online Sanction functionality, which has a go-live date of January 1, 2021.  We have engaged in external testing of the functionality, which supports events with a start date on or after January 1, 2021. While the 2021 Sanction Applications are posted in the File Cabinet in the Member Account Portal, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have 2021 events ready to submit and would like to test the Online Sanctioning functionality. 

As mentioned previously, the Online Sanctioning functionality offers regions the ability to calendar events immediately independently of completing the full sanction request. Therefore, if you have the following basic information about your event and you are an authorized sanction requester for your region, you can help us test the system by entering your event now to be posted on the SCCA.comcalendar, and then provide the additional information required to obtain sanction number and insurance certificate at a later date.  Specific details required for calendaring:  Event Title (Region name and event type/category, region specific event name), Category, Location, Start and End Date, Registration URL (can be region website URL if registration URL not yet available) and Hosting Region.   

The roll-out on January 1, 2021 is version one of this functionality.  Please keep in mind we are trying to streamline the sanction processes across multiple programs with different sanctioning requirements.  It is imperative that we establish the basic online functions and ensure they are working properly so we have a strong foundation on which to build.  Currently, each event must be entered individually. It is at the top of our priority list to implement a “Copy Event” function after the successful roll-out of the online functionality on January 1st.  We understand that entering each event separately requires investing more time. The National office manually enters 2,000+ events per year and is anxious to implement this improvement in the new functionality.

In the meantime, we are confident once you have entered an event or two, you will find it quick and easy to use. There is a “Get Help” button that provides immediate access Guide to Online Sanctioning, instructional videos and FAQs to help you with the sanctioning process. We will also work with you individually, one on one, if you have any questions or issues when using the system. 

If you have 2020 events to sanction, please continue using the 2020 pdf forms available in the File Cabinet. Do not include 2020 and 2021 events on the same form.  If you would like to test the Online Sanction functionality (2021 events only), E-mail and we will set you up with instructions.

Subject: 2021 Program Event Fees & Post-Event Audit Changes

Please see attached the 2021 Program Event Fees, which are also posted in the Member Account Portal in the File Cabinet under Sanction Application & Audit Forms. As you can see, there are no changes to the sanction & insurance fees.  There is a change beginning 2021 with regard to how entries are counted for the events formerly known as “Competition” Events; which included Regional Races, Vintage and Enduros.  Please review the attached 2021 Post-Event Audit Changes for a full description of the changes.

Please let us know if you have any questions after reviewing the attached documents.