Piston Patter 2000

2000 Issues


    • The November 2000 Issue (approx. 1.1MB)
      Featuring: REmarks by Jim Marinangel; Coverage of Chicago Region at the Solo II National Championships, and of Regional events 5, 6, 7, and 8, by Tom Maycock; More on 50 years of racing at Elkhart Lake by Jim Slowik; Coverage of the Runoffs by Jim Slowik, Ed Maksym, and John Doonan; Coverage of the Fall Regional at Gingerman by Jim Slowik, Lou Sterbenc, and Bill Vehe; Top finishers in the 2000 Champ Challenge series; the October General Membership meeting; On the Road to Houston, by Jim Slowik; Garage Sale classifieds, and more.


    • The October 2000 Issue (approx. 1.0MB)
      Featuring: REmarks by Jim Marinangel; the first installment of a series celebrating 50 years of racing at Elkhart Lake by Jim Slowik; Kathy Vaccaro’s report on the Brian Redman International Challenge event at Road America; photos from the Kettle Regional and CART events by Bill Vehe and Michael Holzner; a look at the Evolution/McKamey autocross school by David Gordon; Directly Speaking from George Bovis; news from the Nominating Committee, details on the 2000 Dinner Dance, the 2001 National Convention, Garage Sale classifieds, and more.


    • The September 2000 Issue (approx. 0.8MB)
      Featuring: REMarks, by Jim Marinangel; Adventures in Timing and Scoring, by Tom Maycock; Botham Winery Tour Report, by Tom Maycock; Grand Am at Road America, by Jim Slowik and Kathy Vaccaro; Target Grand Prix at CMS, by Jim Slowik and Paul Josephson; Out of the Hole and Through the Gears, by David Gordon; Letter from CEO Steve Johnson; June and July Board of Directors Meetings; and more.


    • The August 2000 Issue (approx. 1.1MB)
      Featuring: Full coverage of the June Sprints with lots of great photos; Camping at Road America by Jim Slowik; Positioning Yourself to Win by David Gordon; On the Road Again with Norm Koglin; REmarks by Jim Marinangel; a memorial to Ron Ruttenberg; announcement/entry form for the Botham Winery Tour; a Letter to the Editor from Area 5 director candidate Ken Patterson, and more. This issue is available in two versions:


    • The July 2000 Issue (approx. 1.2MB)
      Features a rememberence of Jack White by Norm Koglin, coverage of the April Membership Meeting featuring service and anniversary awards, Choosing the Right Tire Size by David Gordon, a profile of Soloist Bob Lindsay, and REmarks by Jim Marinangel. Also includes minutes from the April and May BOD meetings.


  • The June 2000 Issue (approx. 0.9MB>
    Includes a profile of Trans Am racer Chris Neville and a report from the Long Beach Grand Prix, both by Jim Slowik and Paul Josephson, and David Gordon writes about Springs, Shocks, and Bars. Also includes the announcement of the pistonpatter.com and cornerworker.net web sites, and more.


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