Piston Patter 2001

2001 Issues


    • The November 2001 Issue (approx. 1.4MB)
      The November issue features: “REmarks”, by Terry Ozment; News and Announcements, including a final reminder for the upcoming Holiday Fling Dinner Dance, info on the 2002 Auto Show, the Solo II Awards Party, and other 2002 events; Christopher Bovis reports on his Runoffs experience in his “Rumble Strips” column; Reports on the October General Membership Meeting and Solo II Nationals from Tom Maycock; Minutes from the September Chicago Region BoD meetings; and more.


    • The October 2001 Issue (approx. 1.3MB)
      The October issue features: “REmarks”, by Terry Ozment; Christopher Bovis details races leading up to the Runoffs in his latest “Rumble Strips” installment; Jim Marinangel covers the 2001 Botham Winery Tour; Photos from the Kettle Regional and CART, by Bill Vehe and William Crawford; and Jim Slowik takes his nephew Jonathon to his first race at Road America, with photos by Marla Radcliff. Also, minutes from the June, July, and August Chicago Region BoD meetings; another installment of the Jack Ventman trivia quiz; the flyer for the 2002 SCCA National Convention, announcements and news, and more.


    • The September 2001 Issue (approx. 1.7MB)
      The September issue features: REmarks, by Terry Ozment; Jim Hall at Road America, by Don Anderson; Scenes from the June Sprints, by Barb Lundquist; More photos from the Sprints, by Roz Rosintoski; Ken Patterson’s “Member to Member” report; CART in Chicago, by Jim Slowik; plus a trivia question, a letter to the editor from Al Sutton, CENDIV permananent number request form, announcements and news, including the announcement that SCCA HQ is moving to Topeka.


    • The August 2001 Issue (approx. 1.2MB)
      The August 2001 issue includes REmarks by Terry Ozment; coverage of the June Sprints® from various perspectives by Chris Bovis, Tom Maycock, and Mike Turner; complete June Sprints results; further adventures with CART, this time in Milwaukee and Detroit, by Jim Slowik; Changes at Road America, by Jim Slowik; Some “thank you’s” to our Sprints sponsors, Continental Motors Group, and DeForest Printing; plus details on two upcomign events: the Tour to the Vintage Festival at Botham Winery, and the Old World Wisconsin Tour; plus other announcements and information.


    • The July 2001 Issue (approx. 1.0MB)
      The July 2001 issue includes the news of the deaths of Mike Gagliardio and Ralph Ridge; REmarks by Terry Ozment; Jim Slowik’s entertaining account of his trip to the CART race in Nazarath; Commentary on Problem Finders and Problem Solvers, by Tom Maycock; Fred Egloff’s account of the First Races in Elkhart Lake; some wonderful photos from recent Solo events and the SVRA Road America event; plus the classifieds, schedules, many important announcements, and more.


    • The June 2001 Issue (approx. 1.3MB)
      The June 2001 issue includes: REmarks by Terry Ozment; Inside Pete’s Head–the April General Membership Meeting, by Pete Allen; Coverage, Commentary and Photos from the All-Area Driver’s School and Regional, by Jim Slowik, Pete Olivola, and Bill Vehe; Doing Hot Doughnuts–a profile of a local Club Racer and her Krispy Kreme sponosorship, by Jim Slowik; Commentary from the Cockpit–First Race, by Chris Bovis; Lake Forest Sports Cars Hosts Two Big Events, by Tom Maycock; plus an Indy 500 trivia quia, the May Board of Directors Minutes, Classifieds, Announcements, and more.


    • The May 2001 Issue (approx. 0.8MB)
      The May 2001 issue is now available. Features include: REmarks by Terry Ozment; Pete Allen on the Advanced Worker Training seminar; an interview with Trans-Am racer Tomy Drissi by Kathy Vaccaro; coverage of the Solo II school and Events 1 and 2, by Tom Maycock, William Crawford, and Kathy Vaccaro, plus the Solo II standings after two events.


    • The April 2001 Issue (approx. 1.4MB)
      The April 2001 issue is jam-packed, and includes: REmarks by Terry Ozment; An Announcement Regarding Piston Patter Distribution; Highlights from the National Convention; Chris Bovis on Volunteers; Frosty Frolics Coverage by Ron Darroch, David Hillman, and John Palanchar; Excerpts from Burt Levy’s The Potside Companion; Book Reviews of The Potside Companion and Racey Recipes, by Jim Marinangel and Tom Maycock; Coverage of the 100th Chicago Auto Show by Jim Slowik, John Palanchar, and Bill Whelan III; Thanks to the Auto Show Workers by Peg Ball; and Minutes from the Jan, Feb, and March Board of Directors Meetings.

      Plus announcements/entry forms for the Starting Line Tour and the Solo II Season, details on the April General Membership Meeting, various and sundry other announcements, classifieds, and more!


    • The March 2001 Issue (approx. 1.5MB)
      The March 2001 issue features: REmarks by Terry Ozment; Commentaries on family, involvement, the future by Pete Allen, and a different take on the “graying” of the club by Chris Bovis; Coverage of the January Membership Meeting (featuring Byron Short and Extreme Geez) and the Solo II Awards party, by Tom Maycock, Pete Berta, and Lloyd Wilson; Ken Patterson’s report to Area 5 from the annual SCCA convention; and a whole bunch of announcements on everything from book signings to new web sites; plus other goodies.


    • The February 2001 Issue (approx. 1.3MB)
      The February 2001 issue features: REmarks by Terry Ozment; Inside Pete’s Head–Formula 1 at Indy, by Pete Allen; The 2000 Holiday Fling, by Tom Maycock; Paul Gentilozzi Speaks at Holiday Fling, by Jim Slowik; Fifty Years–photos from the early days of racing at Elkhart Lake and Chicago Region, provided by Al Sutton; Help Solve a Mystery by Fred Egloff; Plus details on Transponders for 2001, event announcements, Garage Sale Classifieds, November and December Board Minutes, and more.


    • The January 2001 Issue (approx. 0.9MB)
      The January 2001 issue features: REmarks by Terry Ozment; Letter of Thanks from George Bovis; Rumble Strips, by Chris Bovis; A Proposal for Belle Isle, by Jim Slowik, Solo II 2000 Trophy Winners; Member to Member: Report from Area 5 Director, by Ken Patterson; Inside Pete’s Head, by Pete Allen; Info on: the January Membership Meeting (featuring Byron Short of Extreme GEEZ); the Frosty Frolics Ice Race, and many other announcements, as well as Minutes of the September and October Board Meetings and the Garage Sale Classifieds.


  • The 2001 Calendar (approx. 1.5MB)
    The 2001 Calendar is available separately. It includes lots of great photos, plus dates for Chicago Region races, events, and meetings, other CENDIV road racing and Solo events, Solo II National Tour and Pro Solo dates, and more.


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