TRO Manufacturing 2011

Final Series Points


2011 Event Schedule

13 races, 15 points opportunities across 8 weekends
Date Event Location
** May 1 CenDiv Regional Blackhawk Farms Raceway
May 21-22 Milwaukee Double Regional Road America
May 28-29 Land O Lakes “Rational” Brainerd
July 9-10 Land O Lakes Double Regional Brainerd
May 30-31 Blackhawk Valley Double Regional Blackhawk Farms Raceway
August 13-14 Chicago Double Regional Road America
August 27-28 Milwaukee Double Regional Milwaukee Mile
** October 8-9 Chicago Regional Blackhawk Farms Raceway

** Double Points Event

Registration must be done before the event to earn points for that event. Registration is required to earn series points and is provided at no charge. Competitors can register via the link on the CenDiv site. 2011 Registration will be done on MotorsportsReg. New stickers for 2011 will be mailed to all who register.

Final standings will only reflect competitors who finish at least 7 of the 13 races, who have not competed in class at this year’s Runoffs®


Trophies: Each Race – Each race – Standard trophies from the region, Event Winner sticker for 1st in Class
End of year – End of year – 1st – 3rd place for each class. (Low car count classes awarded 1st place only)
End of year – End of year – Jackets for class champions
Points: Points are awarded by finish – 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1
1 bonus point for having at least one timed lap in either qualifying or the race
1 bonus point for starting race (not shown as DNS or DISQ on official results)
Points standings are posted on the CenDiv website.

Tie breakers will be handled according to GCR 3.9.1.E, Division Championship Ties.

It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure cars finishing in higher positions have the correct series decals, and to point out discrepancies to race officials at the event. Cars without series decals will be awarded their finish for the event, but will not accrue points towards the series championship. Cars driven by non-registered drivers will not accrue series points but will be awarded their finish for the event.

Series Decals: a driver’s first set is free with registration, subsequent sets cost $5. In the event of a decal change, or addition/change of series sponsors, new decals will be issued, and old series decals will be honored for one race after the change.

Every Class eligible: GTA, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTL, EP, FP, HP, SP, SPO, SPU, STO, STU, STL, AS, T1, T2, T3, SSB, SSC, ITR, ITS, ITA, ITB, ITC, F5, FA, FB, FC, FE, FF, FM, FS, FST, FV, CFC, CFF, ASR, CSR, DSR, SRF, S2, ITE1, ITE2, BG, SM, SM5, SMT, Spec 944, etc.

Specifically does NOT include National races, or National drivers attending the runoffs in class. (For example, if you go to runoffs in GT2, you can still compete regionally in the series in SRF. You can also compete regionally in GT2, but you won’t accumulate Series points)



2011 regulations for non-GCR regional-only cars:
ITE:Cars prepared for any past or current recognized showroom stock based professional racing series, not eligible for any current SCCA regional competition class. In addition, cars prepared to PCA and BMW club racing specifications, not eligible for any current SCCA regional competition class. All cars must meet minimum safety requirements defined in the GCR and ITCS for Improved touring. Drivers must be able to prove compliance to the series rules the car is prepared to. All cars must run DOT approved tires.

ITE 1 – ITE cars over 3 Liters normally aspirated and over 2.5 Liters with forced induction.
ITE 2 – ITE cars 3 Liters and under normally aspirated and 2.5 Liters and under with forced induction.

SP: Cars which exceed the preparation limitations of the applicable Production or GT specifications, but which meet the general regulations of Section 9.1.2 of the GCR for GT category cars.

SPO – Cars meeting GCR requirements for SP, over 3 Liters.
SPU – Cars meeting GCR requirements for SP, 3 Liters and under.

SM    – Per GCR, with the nationally spec’d tire per the GCR
SMT – Per GCR, Open tire rule.

Baby Grand – Per BG rules.

Chassis Eligibility: All Club Fords must have outboard spring/shock mechanisms on at least one end of the car. A suspension is “outboard” if two conditions are met: (1) the upper mount of the spring/shock mechanism is equal or further in distance from the centerline of the chassis than the upper suspension mounting point and (2) the lower spring/shock mounting point is further outboard than the upper spring/shock mount and attaches directly to either the hub carrier or one or both lower suspension links. In this definition, trailing arms and radius rods are not considered to be suspension links. Club Fords should be raced as nearly as possible to their model’s original specifications except as noted below. The chassis may not be modified or updated except to improve driver safety.
Suspension may not be modified or updated except that stronger materials may be used as long as they match the dimensions of the original piece. Example: the hub carrier may be a weldment instead of a casting as long as the original suspension link and spring/shock mounting points are the same. GCR legal shocks and springs and GCR legal engine components (flywheel, aluminum head, crank, pistons, etc) are not otherwise restricted in Club Ford.

Tire Restrictions: One of the following “hard” restricted performance tires must be used during all dry practice, qualifying, and race sessions: Hoosier R60 series compound slick, Goodyear 600 compound slick, American Racer 133 compound slick, Dunlop CR82 or CR84 9092 compound tread, and Sumitomo HTR-200 series tread. Any GCR legal tire may be used during wet practice, qualifying, and race sessions.