Posted February 3, 2016

SCCA Timing and Scoring is not what it used to be. We use networked computers connected to electronic decoders to time and score the competitors. The new T&S is looking for some computer savvy people to help out in this specialty. Please consider getting involved in this high tech specialty.

For all of you non technical people, don’t worry. We still do the old fashioned scoring process as a backup to the computers. We still need lots of people to help out with the number taping and socializing that T&S has been known for.

CenDiv SCCA is again running an AWT (All worker Training) session on March 19. There will be dedicated T&S sessions for the attendees. This will be a great introduction for new workers and an excellent review and training for the not so new. Information on the AWT seminar can be found at the SCCA CenDiv web site:

Toby Schuster
CenDiv T&S administrator