2013 Track Day Information (Archive)

SCCA Chicago Track Days

2013 PDX Track Day Events

Date Event Location
May 17 PDX #1 (Friday Evening) REGISTER! Autobahn CC, North Course
May 31 PDX #2 (Friday Evening) REGISTER! Autobahn CC, South Course
July 7 Grand Subaru Invitational (Sunday Evening) Autobahn CC (Closed event)
July 20 PDX #3 (Saturday Evening) REGISTER! presented by P&L Motorsports Autobahn CC, North Course
August 16 PDX #4 (Full Day) REGISTER! Blackhawk Farms Raceway
August 31 PDX #5 (Saturday Evening – Early Start!) – REGISTER! Autobahn CC, South Course
October 12 PDX #6 (Mini – in conjunction with the Fall Sprints) – REGISTER! Blackhawk Farms Raceway

*Registration and Calendar of all CenDiv Road Racing and PDX events can be found at http://cendiv.motorsportreg.com/

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Performance Driving Experience (PDX)

PDX is SCCA’s term for High Performance Drivers Events (HPDE) or more commonly known as Track Days, which are non competition instructional events that take place at race tracks.

Back roads, late night drives on the highway, and the one off ramp that you take faster than the posted speed limit. If you relate to the items listed above, then you are a perfect candidate to sign up for a Performance Driving Experience.

Ever noticed the phrase “Professional Driver on a Closed Course” at the bottom of your TV screen during an ad? We have a closed course; come be the driver!

A PDX event provides the unique opportunity to bring your car on a real racetrack. Do you want to improve your driving skills? Do you want to learn how to better control your car at a higher rate of speed than is legal on public roads? All you need to participate in a Track Day (PDX) event is a registered streetcar, valid drivers license, and a helmet.

You Will Be A Better Driver

First and foremost, a Track Day (PDX) event is about you driving your car. Our primary focus is the safety of you and your car. Getting you as much seat time as possible with instruction is our next goal, so you can become more comfortable behind the wheel of your car at speed.

*If you bring people along, be sure to remind them to ask about “Instructor Ride Along” opportunities available to them for a small fee while they are on site.

What is the schedule at one of the Track Day (PDX) Events?

First you would make sure that you and your car qualify for a Track Day (PDX) event. You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver license. Convertibles, unless they are equipped with a hard top or an approved roll bar/hoop, are not allowed***. Vehicles with other removable tops (t-tops, targa tops, etc.) must meet appropriate safety regulations. Be sure to check this link to Level 1 PDX Rules. Next, register by following this link on this page to the MotorsportsReg website.

Once you arrive at the track, you will check in, park, unload your vehicle, and prepare it for the track. Next you will need to get your car inspected, and then report to the classroom for a drivers briefing. Once that briefing is over, usually no more than 30 minutes time, the rest of the event should be spent behind the wheel of your car, or riding along with your instructor to gain a better understanding of the track, the proper line, and driving tips. These tips are provided by qualified instructors, most of whom have years of actual racing experience.

Note: *** The 2002 Porsche Boxster, the Honda S2000 and the MINI Cooper Convertibles have been approved by the manufacturer as having factory rollover protection and may enter a SCCA Track Day (PDX) Event.

Should I do anything before I arrive at a Track Day (PDX)?

Car and Driver magazine has recently published an excellent guide to preparing for a track day: How To: Go to a Track Day – Feature

If you are not sure your car is ready for the use it will see on a racetrack, we suggest you take your vehicle to a technician who is skilled enough to evaluate your vehicle for track use. Please follow the link to the “Pre-Event Car Tech Inspection” document. You should also plan to bring appropriate “Gear” to the PDX event. Items like extra oil, coolant, tire pressure gauge, sunscreen, umbrella, hat, camera, storage bin or bag, lawn chair, etc. Please follow the link to “Track Day Gear Check List” document. You may also want to familiarize yourself with some of the common “Flags” you might see while on track. These will be covered during your classroom instruction time as well.

In addition to getting you and your vehicle prepared for the Track Day (PDX) event, before you arrive at the track, please review the other “Track Day” related pages on this website.