Volunteer Registration for the Continental Tires Road Race Showcase Weekend


August 8-10, 2014 at Road AmericaĀ 

(NOTE: We are only staffing Friday, August 8, through Sunday, August 10.  We are not staffing Thursday.)

We invite volunteers planning to work the TUDOR United Sports Car Series event to pre-register here. This will allow the Region to plan staffing levels, lunch and dinner counts,and to provide the best experience for all our volunteers.

If you know of others planning to work the event, but do not typically use MotorsportReg to pre-register, PLEASE pass along the information below.  Those individuals who are unable or unwilling to use MSR may contact the online registrar at ed-scca@solowerks.com to have their pre-registration entered for them.

Worker Specialties We Will Be Staffing in 2014:

  • F&C (Corners, Flag Chiefs, Communicator)
  • Course Marshals (Mark Hirt Chief, Mike Jorgensen Asst. Chief)
  • Paddock
  • Starters
  • Race Administration 

If you do not see your speciaty here, or if your specialty is already fully staffed…

Sign up for something new and try that!


Chicago Region is pleased to continue to offer free camping at the events we staff.  Just like last year, the free camping area will be in the worker camping area outside of the track.

AS we did in 2013, Chicago Region is offering subsidized camping within the track. Workers will be asked to pay a $25 flat fee towards a camping spot, and Chicago Region will cover the remaining cost of the site and the individual wristbands. Only workers who purchase this option on MotorsportReg in conjunction with their preregistration will be able to get this reduced rate. Workers who do not purchase this option during preregistration may purchase onsite camping at Gate 4 for the standard spectator fees.  Due to the high demand for camping at this event, we do not yet know where the worker camping will be inside the track.


As in previous years we will be allowing workers to obtain a guest pass for those who are not working but accompanying them to the event. In 2014 we will implement a strict one (1) guest pass per worker policy, as has been the policy previously.  This year we will only be offering this benefit to those workers who pre-register.  Only workers who pre-register on MotorsportReg will be able to reserve a guest pass. The guest must also be pre-registered in MotorsportReg in conjunction with the worker registration.  Overages and non-preregistered guests will be asked to purchase a spectator pass at the spectator entrance. There is concern over controls in previous years, forcing tighter monitoring of this policy.  We thank you for your understanding.


As part of the controls for 2014, there will be a strict oversight policy in effect for this event.  Specialty chiefs will be provided with a list of workers who checked in for their specialty, and they will be required to verify when and where they worked. Anyone who checks in as a worker and is not verified to have worked at least a full day (across the entire weekend) will be addressed. It is the worker’s responsibility to check in with their specialty chief and make sure their work was validated.


A tentative schedule of events can be found here.  Note that Saturday is a long day, so plan accordingly!



Thank you!