Why You Should Check Out SCCA Time Trials

The 2019 Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials Nationals presented by Hagerty will take place on September 27-29, 2019

Motorsports has evolved. As we march through the 75th anniversary of the Sports Car Club of America, we’ve seen a number of changes through the years.

Like everything over 75 years, a number of people have been resistant to changes. They’ve fought tooth and nail against those who “just don’t get it,” and don’t understand why things have to change. Eventually, their arguments have just looked silly as time steamrolled along.

Which brings us to the Tire Rack SCCA Time Trials National Tour presented by Hagerty. Five years ago, SCCA launched an Experiential Department that was geared not to the person trying to win the SCCA Runoffs or Tire Rack Solo Nationals, but for the person who wanted the thrill of being on track. Of testing themselves, with or without hard core competition amongst others. The events, led by Tire Rack Track Night in America, were centered on the overall experience, on and off the track.

These Time Trials events are built on the philosophy that you can dictate the terms of your competition. You compete against yourself, first of all; against the track for time, secondly; and everyone else third. It’s a subtle distinction between Time Trials and road racing; sure, you do all of those things in wheel to wheel action, but how other people perform can influence you. That doesn’t happen in Time Trials – everything is in your hands to go as fast as you can (or as fast as you’re comfortable).

We love road racing, don’t get us wrong. No one does it better than the SCCA. And that won’t change. There are road racers at every Time Trials event; there are Time Trials participants that we’ll see on road racing’s biggest stages some day.

But Time Trials – this isn’t an evolution, this is a revolution. This is where thousands will get their first taste of on-track driving. At the SCCA’s 150th anniversary, when we’re surrounded by autonomous cars or flying cars or teleportation machines or whatever the next “future of transportation” may be, there will still be places to go to drive. For fun. For sport. For the challenge. For like-minded friends. For the Friday welcome party and the Saturday night Hagerty Participant party.

Don’t you want to say you were there when it started? Drive, volunteer, show up and watch the grins when people climb out from behind the wheel. Just make sure you’re there. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

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Website Editor: In addition to National level events linked above, Chicago Region SCCA will be hosting three Time Trial events this season.

About the author:

Heyward Wagner

Heyward Wagner’s SCCA path started at birth.  His parents were avid flaggers, serving as chiefs for events like the Runoffs and Chimney Rock Hillclimb. Growing up in the Club, he first got involved in Flagging and Communications before focusing on autocross competition.  His passion for the Club and sport carried over into his professional life, working first on the National Solo Field Staff, then in experiential automotive marketing and as an instructor for the Evolution Performance Driving School.  That experience led to an opportunity in the outdoor education and leadership industry.  There he worked with summer camps and adult groups to create positive experiences, build strong teams and coach leadership skills.  In 2014, Heyward brought this experience back to the Club, joining the National Office staff to launch the Experiential Programs department, designed to blend lessons learned outside of SCCA with the Club’s passion for motorsport.