February 2004 REmarks

January and February are a time when we all can unwind from the stress of the Holiday Season, and start thinking about what we are going to do in the upcoming season.

I’m still amazed at the amount of work that goes on in the background to make the Regions activities happen, and I’d like to once again thank everyone involved. Without your hard work and dedication nothing would ever be accomplished.

Looking ahead to the coming year, the Region has some very strong teams in place in every area. We also have a new National Board member in Mike Engelke. Mike was elected in an incredible turnout, in an election between two highly competent, personable, dedicated individuals. The truth is, Chicago Region members had to choose between the 2 strongest candidates in the Nation, and we as a region would have won with either choice.

I’d like to very publicly thank Ken Patterson, our outgoing Director, for his dedicated service and years of support for the SCCA. Ken, I really do hope to see you this season, and hope you keep your hand in.

Nationally we are looking at another strong June Sprints, while Regionally our Road Racing program is getting off to a great start with the return of long time Chicago region sponsor Continental Motors. Joel Weinberger has agreed to co-sponsor the Area 5 Championship for 2004, along with Tro Manufacturing. I’m looking for this to be another excellent Regional Season.

The Solo program is continuing strongly from last year. How can you top on line registration, 100% maximum vehicle participation in each event, and a profit for the year? Rick, you need to work hard to beat last years performance!

We are once again participating in the Chicago Auto Show in February, and contact information for those of you who want to work will be up on the website shortly. By working, you can generally get in an hour or so before the show opens, and have a great look around without the crowds!

Also in February is the SCCA national Convention. This is going to be a big deal, with more content than ever before. It is also where national will unveil SCCA’s Strategic Plan, and I will report fully on this and other good information at a later date.

Finally, there has been a lot of talk about regions, finances and financial controls around the country. I though this would be a good time to explain what we here in Chicago Region have done and are doing to protect the regions assets. First off, we have a financial committee. This committee is charged with putting together and monitoring the regions budget. Each month, our expense and financial reports are reviewed by the entire BOD. The BOD also votes on accepting the financial report, and each member has the authority to question everything. Believe me, they do

I need to thank Jim Marinangle and Terry Ozment, both of who are past RE’s. Under Jim, and finishing with Terry, the region officers and staff became bonded. Bonding is an insurance policy that protects the Regions Assets from Fraud and Embezzlement. We as a Region have been bonded for the past 5 years. Additionally, the BOD reviews our bonding yearly, and this year voted to adjust the amount of coverage to better reflect our current financial position.

Best Regards to all for this New Year,

Scott Sanda