March 2004 REmarks

Almost spring, and only 6 weeks until our first road racing event of the season. Even better yet, at the time I write this (Way late) there are less than 2 weeks until our first SOLO event of the season.

Things are starting to come together, as the various volunteers that make the region work are finishing up a long planning season. The truth is in Chicago, we actually have only 2 seasons: (no, not construction season and winter) Race season and Preparing to Race season.

Getting back to when I am writing this, Work has gotten in the way of my hobby, and I am writing this on March 14th, which has delayed publication of the March issue of PP by at least 2 weeks. Any delays in the March issue are wholly my fault, and I will need to ply Dave Tobin with intoxicants to get him to forgive me. I now have a week to write my April column. I’m glad this isn’t my day job.

A lot of things have happened since the last issue:

At the National convention, SCCA unveiled the strategic plans for all of the various areas of the club, with the notable exception of Pro. They are available on the main SCCA website for those who want to look at them. To me, the best part of the convention was the safety seminar. It was a truly groundbreaking association of highly competent people talking about what we need to do to keep drivers safe. With the help of money Chicago Region donated specifically for the purpose, this seminar is being post produced for free distribution to the Regions. Once we get our copy, it will be shown repeatedly and copied frequently.

Cendiv also held it’s annual spring training, where a topic of discussion was Cendiv incorporation. Now, I have heard that this idea has been around since the invention of dirt, but has never gotten off the ground. I hope that changes. Right now, Cendiv is not a legal entity, yet it handles money on our behalf. The responsibility for this has, by default, fallen on the Exec Steward, and this is not part of his job. The consensus of the Regions attending was pretty simple: Cendiv incorporation needs to happen for the specific purpose of handling finances. Period. It cannot, by design, have any say in scheduling, Region activities, or rulemaking. I’ll pass on more when anything changes.

On the region level, we have participated in another successful auto show, and held our annual new members seminar. Coming up is our worker appreciation party, annual worker training, and rescue training with Road America. Solo, in a continuation of past policy, is working with other local Solo organizations, and will once again co-sanction events with Tri State Sports car council. Last but certainly not least, Plans are well underway for the Quad Drivers School and Regional in April. This is a joint effort, started several years ago, by Chicago, Milwaukee, BVR and LOL, and actually laid the groundwork for our very successful joint Regional Championship Series.

I want to end this with three big thank you’s: Rick Mancuso of Lake Forest Sports cars for hosting the New members and worker appreciation events, Lad Sanda of Tro Manufacturing for once again sponsoring the Area 5 Championship series, And Joel Weinberger of Continental Audi and Acura for coming on board as our second Area 5 title sponsor.

6 weeks to finish up the car and pack the trailer…..

Scott Sanda
RE, Chicago Region SCCA