April 2004 REmarks

Earlier this week, the Area 5 racing regions made the decision to not participate in the 2004 Cendiv Regional Championship Series. This was not an easy decision, and in fact, up until a few weeks ago, all 4 regions had committed to remain in the series for 04.

The bottom line is that the Cendiv Championship Series committed to making several program changes for 04, and then failed to carry them out. Additionally, despite assurances they would be enacted and posted immediately, nothing has been changed.

Based on this, the racing regions of Area 5 decided to pull out of the series.

I sincerely apologize to the 20 Chicago, 15 LOL, 13 Mil and 4 BVR drivers who participated last year, and whom I assume were going to this year. Having won this championship 5 times in 4 different classes, I was truly heartbroken to see it crash and burn, despite our efforts.

On behalf of Chicago, we will reimburse those Chicago region drivers who have already signed up for the series., I can’t speak for the other regions, but am going to assume they will do the same..

I do need to point out that we have a very viable Area 5 Championship Series, now in its second year, and with a new, second sponsor in Continental Audi/Acura, in addition to Tro Manufacturing. This series is open to drivers from any region and area, and requires no sign up or entry fee.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to vent, my contact information is on the Chicago Region website, and I’ll put on my nomex.

Scott Sanda
RE, Chicago Region SCCA