2012 Season Checkered Flag Party

Photos & Story: Patrick Morgan

SCCA’s Checkered Flag dinner for the 2012 season was in a marvelous setting this year. It was hosted by Lake Forest Sports Cars, the chic luxury car dealership in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Wandering seemed to get the best of the crowd, as the cars on display were truly breath-taking. Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, McLaren and more were all on display. To top it all off, Goose Island catered the event, further ensuring a good time was had by all.

The awards ceremony as usual noted the effort and hard work put forth by our members, from drivers to those who work behind the scenes to keep the show going.

Winners include (from left to right):
Dave Morrell Worker of the Year: Dennis Bednar 
Fred Wacker Driver of the Year:  Michael Varacins 
Chicago Region Rookie of the Year: Jeff Hennessy 
2012 Chicago Region Founders Award: Hank Jaffe 
2012 REcognition Award: Kasey Johnson 
2012 REcognition Award: Bob Stone 
2012 REcognition Award: Jim Marinangel 

More photos can be found HERE.