2018 Race and Performance Expo

11th Annual Race and Performance Expo on February 24-25, 2018

The Chicago Region staffed a booth at the Race & Performance Expo to promote our sport and club activities. Our booth was staffed with volunteers who spent some of their time talking with people about the SCCA, Chicago Region, and the opportunities we offer to get involved with motorsports. There was also plenty of time to wander the show floor and see the exhibits, all for free. Chicago Region covered the show entry fee for those who lent a hand. To help draw attention we had Peter Jankovskis’ Spec Racer Ford and from Blackdog Speed Shop their 2017 Pirelli World Challenge GTS, Camaro Z28.R championship road racing car.

Our display generated plenty of interest but when Adam opened up Peter’s SRF people stopping by our display doubled. The individuals attending this show tend to be more mechanical in nature and we opened up a racecar that seemed to be the right move. People flocked around the car, asking questions and wanting to find out more about how they too can race cars.
The Chicago Region would like to take this opportunity to recognize those that gave of their time and resources this year, your help and support is greatly appreciated. From Blackdog Speed Shop; Tony Gaples, Ray Sorenson, Mike Hawley and Eric, and from the Chicago Region, Claire Ball, Peg Ball, Dennis Bednar, Rick Bentson, Adam Gottlieb, Chris Gregor, Todd Gray, Peter Jankovskis, John Kreutzer, Steve Laske, Jack Novak, Tracy Ramsey, and Bob Sherman. Events such as this would not be possible without your support and time. For those that missed out, if you have an interest within the club, come join us at these types of events. Share with others your interest and help others become involved with motorsports. We hope that more of you can find the time to help by volunteering at events like this in the future.