January 2019 REmarks

Hello Everyone,

The holidays bring family and friends together and many times it comes with different opinions and perspectives. Our boards have a similar diversity. We usually work quite well on discussing with an open mind. Please never be shy about sharing your ideas and concerns with any board member even if they may seem unpopular. The local school board in my neighborhood does not function well currently because they never want to hear or discuss opposing opinions. Shame on them; they are shocked they don’t have the community’s support. 

The Chicago Region is celebrating our seven decades of motorsports. We have the 50th year anniversary of autocross coming up. We are working to evolve and expand our racing programs as well as supporting and adding to our group of dedicated workers. The Chicago Region has been a leader/mentor to many other regions, but we also keep looking for new ideas and practices. As your RE, I commit to you to keep an open mind and support our members in any way I can. I also commit to appreciate everyone that works to help our region succeed and have fun while we are doing it. We are a “club” and should remember to be serious about the serious stuff but make sure we still have “fun” with the fun stuff. If we have fun, others will have fun, new members will have fun and we will keep celebrating decade after decade of motorsports.

We wrap up a successful 2018 and look forward to a great 2019 and hearing from all of you.

Happy Holidays,

Chris Gregor                           

Regional Executive                            

Chicago Region SCCA