On the Green Stuff

As the year comes to an end our first thoughts are to recap 2018. When we asked our fellow volunteers what they are taking forward into the New Year one reoccurring theme is prevalent – build on the close friendships we formed this year. When pressed for details, to a person, they spoke of the common bond that they experienced with other volunteers. They desired to “get back to it” and to continue the comradeship SCCA offers.

To that end what does 2019 offer – Spring Training, Drivers School, Divisional racing, Majors and The Weather Tech Chicago Region June SprintsĀ® Hoosier Super Tour. Watch the calendar for information about all these and more.Ā 

While you are at it check out the Checkered Flag party in February and all the Solo and Track Day events planned for 2019.

We hope to see you soon!