Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake

Corner of Rhine Street and South Lake Street

In the coming months, as part of our celebration of “Seven Decades of Motorsports” we will be showcasing the Historic Markers placed around the original race circuit on the public roads in Elkhart Lake.  In the early years the Chicago Region members wanted to race and with no track available Jim Kimberly a Wisconsin native convinced Fred Wacker, Dave Garroway, and Carl Broken to look at the Kettle Moraine area.  In a chartered aircraft they discovered Elkhart Lake and the rest is history. Today thanks to the Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake (HRC) preservation of the original race circuits has been ongoing and thus far successful.  Their work is far from over and they continue to work for the preservation of this historic site for the enjoyment of others.  The HRC has placed historic markers at significant locations around the 1950 circuit and the combined circuit of 1951, and 1952.  

To begin our journey we will start on Lake Street just south of Rhine St. where the Wisconsin Historical Society Marker is placed.  This marker notes that on February 17, 2006 the site was listed on the National Register of Historical Places.  The marker also provides a brief history of the races, lists the key individuals involved as well some of the stars of the day, the cars and drivers.  

We hope you enjoy this tour back in time as we celebrate “Seven Decades of Motorsports”. To find out more about the Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake go to their web-site historicracecircuits.com.  To become more involved in creating the History of the Chicago Region SCCA contact our club office at ClubOffice@SCCA-Chicago.com.