July 2019 Remarks

Hello Everyone, 

Newman’s First Law: “It is useless to put on your brakes when you’re upside down.”Newman’s Second Law: “Just when things look darkest, they go black.” 

“People might say the raison d’etre of motorsports is to take part. It isn’t. The whole reason is to try and win; that’s what racing is all about.” This thought is from a newspaper clipping (youngsters can google what newspapers and clippings are) that was found in a great friend’s garage.

These quotes highlight that motorsports is very different than other hobbies where you might find inner peace, a better sense of self, a broader perspective on life, a hoppy smoothness, or buns of steel. The shared passion, love, excitement, challenge, sacrifice, determination, danger, disappointment, commitment, success, and adrenalin bonds so many of us as lifelong friends.  

This friend’s family and mine have shared joys of racing as well as watching our children grow from babies to adults. We have endured tragedies and brushes with death. We have relished in the glory of their new granddaughter. I am forever grateful to have met them and still call them friends. I am sure many of you have made lifelong friends through this crazy thing we call racing. If you haven’t yet; I bet you will.

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive
Chicago Region SCCA