October 2019 Remarks

Hello Everyone, 

Most of us say that we are “passionate” about motorsports. What does that mean for many of us. That we will devote a ridiculous amount of time, money and effort to spend time in motorsports. From working a corner to road racing to track days there are different prices to pay. Sometimes it’s just a few hours and a few hundred dollars and other times it’s an extended weekend, sleeping in a tent and others times it’s a full week, long drives, thousands of dollars in tires and expenses and big dollars on the race car, hauler, trailer, camper and spare parts.  

The “ridiculous” description is just from some other people’s perspective. Many of us may say that jumping out of a perfectly good plane is “ridiculous”. That sitting on a semi-solid piece of ice in the freezing cold to catch fish is “ridiculous”. That only turning left or watching others only turn left is “ridiculous”. Being passionate about sports cars is easy for many of us to endure the hardships seen by couch jockeys. We are a fantastic group that comes together for fun with cars no matter our age, sex, political party, or skin color. We will stand in the rain, heat, or snow to work all day on a corner or get just a few minutes of track time. We sometimes swap tires when the weather changes and then back again when it changes again. When we are with each other we just see someone as crazy as we are.

I am proud to be part of our region and so extremely proud of all of you that won’t think twice about helping out a person in need, doing more than what is asked of us, and look at each other as “ridiculous” racers that love our sport with a”passion”. 

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive
Chicago Region SCCA