Hamill’s Hollow – Schoolhouse Straight

This is the tenth installment in our series showcasing the Historic Markers placed around the original race circuit on the public roads in Elkhart Lake.

After passing Wacker’s Wend the 1951/52 race circuit continued south bound following County J, A and then turned right to continue following County A west bound. After the 90 degree right turn on to CTY A the competitors quickly came upon a slight bend to the left in the course. To the right of the bend is Hamill’s Hollow, a rather hidden ravine which if you were driving the line would not be a concern. The Marker at this point “Hamill’s Hollow” is named for Corky and Joan Hamill. The sign reads “Corwith “Corky” and Joan Hamill who raced a Mercury Allard. Joan took second place in the 1950 ladies race”. Corky was the Chicago Region’s second Reginal Executive in 1951, and the first Editor of the Region’s newsletter, “Piston Patter”. This marker was donated by “Guy, Clyde and David Morter in honor of AEF Vets who brought us road racing”. (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake)

After Hamill’s Hollow there’s a right hand bend in the course that placed the competitors on their first long high speed straight. The second marker on this stretch of the circuit is found about mid-way down the straight on the left. The marker reads, “The first high-speed straightaway on the 1951-52 circuit, named for its proximity to the former Joliet School in use until 1958”. This marker was donated by the “Chapple Family Trust and Mark F. Pfaller II”. (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake)