2019 Chicago Region SCCA Learning Curve is in the books!

With weather that can easily be confused for Memorial Day, 40 students gathered at Route 66 Raceway to learn from veteran autocrossers this past Saturday and Sunday.  It all kicked off with a classroom session led by the reigning 2018 Soloist of the Year Matt Waldbaum (he was thankfully able to squeeze this event into his packed National Tour and Prosolo schedule).

After the instruction session, the students were able to take guided walks and runs through 2 Half courses for about 7-10 runs each half, then another 4 runs through a combined course at the end of day one. A break midday for lunch provided by K&M Magnetics allowed for a high energy day for all involved.

On Sunday mother nature allowed us to demonstrate varying conditions a bit with some precipitation in the morning followed by consistently dryer conditions through the end of the day (all with luxurious temperatures in the 60’s). Students were able to take to the passenger seats of instructors and worker’s cars to get more of a demonstration of the techniques and driving lines and give them an extra edge as they took their own runs.  

With a course layout with even more built in safety margins than a typical competition day, the positive environment and dedicated pace to instruction really allowed the students to test the edge of their grip, sometimes hit cones, sometimes get a safe spin in, and really get a chance to take chances. Confidence led to increased speed, led to a few cones that have seen better days like the one Matt’s own student took down on Sunday.

Mat Waldbaum and one of his students with a souvenir.