May 2019 REmarks

Hello Everyone,

I know this spring has been some crazy weather. I am so tired of snow and I know many of you are as well. We finally made it to May! Don’t forget we are hosting a Street Survival May 26, registration is open. ( We have some great events coming up; check our website for all events. 

We have a fantastic group of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, years of experience, fields of interest and expertise. I believe that there can be some high expectations on these people that have delivered a great experience and promoted a fun time with cars. 

I personally experienced frustration with a company I was trying to work with and became more and more irritated with their initial generic response and lack of communication. I called the company and they were closed because it was Good Friday. Next, I went to their website and posted a request for more information in the customer contact area. I almost immediately received the automatic generic email that someone will contact me, good. Monday came and nobody called or emailed. I called again on Tuesday and spoke to someone. They took my information and said someone will contact me later that day. Guess who called Tuesday, right, nobody. I wrote the company off by Wednesday noon. Surprisingly I received a call on Wednesday afternoon with an apology for the delay. Geez, they did not meet my expectations because of the slow response.

I completely understand that we as a region organizers have some very high expectations placed upon us and I know we are working on improving our customer response. We had been working on ways to improve even before some you aired your feelings. I ask that people remember we are volunteers, we want to do better, we have very many responsibilities but many times we are only seen when things go wrong.

Darn, that is a crappy way to end my article but compared to how mother nature ended April this year, maybe it doesn’t stink as bad.

Chris Gregor
Regional Executive
Chicago Region SCCA