CenDiv Regional Racing Finishes 2020 with a New Sponsored Series

For many years CenDiv SCCA has been the grateful recipient of sponsorship from Tro Manufacturing and C&P Installations. They have provided for the complete Divisional Championship Series, which has benefitted racers and workers alike at each of the Division’s road races.

In 2020 a new set of sponsors also jumped into the Divisional races. The Elite Autosport Gen2 Tripleheader three-weekend series focused specifically on the regional-only class of the Gen2 Spec Racer Ford.

The series was announced in March and planned to cover the year by counting results three weekend events. These were the April Driver’s School Double Divisional, the June Firecracker Bonneau Double Divisional and the September Fall Classic Double Divisional. But, we know what happened in March. With determination, the series was restructured. The final plan was to use the Race For the Roses Majors & Regional Double Divisional in June (BVR/Milw), the Dog Days Double Divisional (CR) in July and the Fall Classic Double Divisional (CR) in September.

Contributing sponsors included Elite Autosport (of course), as well as Bulldog Security Systems, SCCA Enterprises, Hoosier Tires and 3E Designs. Cash prizes at each race as well as over $2,700 at stake for the series championship, as well as contingency and other prizes, kept the 1.9l based SRF Gen2 class alive and well in 2020.

Firecracker Bonneau

At the Firecracker Bonneau weekend event Clint Billimack won both races to lead the series at 50 points. But Bill Douglas stayed in the hunt with two second place finishes to total 42 points. Joining them on the virtual podium was Joshua Hansen with a pair of third place finishes worth 36 total points. Ten total participants scored points in the inaugural weekend.

Dog Days Double Divisional

At the Dog Days weekend Douglas repeated his double second, taking the series lead in the standings with 84 total points. Billimack won the first race but DNF’d the second to drop to second in the standings with 75 total points. Several racers stepped up to challenge for third place in the series. Steve Nekich used a third place and second place finish in the weekend races. This secured third in the series at 68 total points. Steve Ross used a pair of fourth place finishes to stay well within striking distance at 64 total points.

Talk about a close points battle! Dark horse Chris Buccola jumped up with a seventh place and third place finish to bite at Ross’ heals with 63 points. Obvious contender Hansen suffered from a DNF in the first race, but won the second race. As a result this kept him in the fight with 61 total points.

Fall Classic Double Divisional

Finally heading into the third and final weekend of the series the competitors knew the final standings were far from assured. The series rules dropped the lowest score from your total. The Saturday race threw a wrench in the cogs as potential spoiler Scott Rettich entered the mix. Rettich won the Saturday race and took the opportunity for 25 points away from the other competitors. Hansen jumped back into the hunt with a second place finish, and Billimack continued to podium by placing third. Following on Sunday Hansen backed up his Saturday performance with a win. This allowed him to grab those important 25 points. Rettich continued to steal opportunities by taking second, and rounding out the top three was, again, Billimack.

Series Results

When it was all said and done consistency took Clint Billimack to the top spot for the series with 111 points. Joshua Hansen came in just behind Clint with 107 points to take home second place. Nine points behind with 98 brought Bill Douglas into third place for the series.

The final finishing order for the other competitors was Steve Nekich (tie), Chris Buccola (tie), Steve Ross, Dwayne Maroszek, Jim Perry, Scott Rettich, Peter Jankovskis, George Sanchez, Michael Bednowicz, and David DeBolt (respectively).

The Elite Autosport Gen2 Tripleheader was a resounding success, with at least 8 entrants in each race weekend (a large number for a Regional-only class) and close racing throughout. With success in its debut season we can only hope for continued growth in 2021!