CenDiv Spring Training CANCELLED

It is with great sadness that we announce that we have cancelled our annual Spring Training, scheduled for March 21-22. We fully intended to proceed on, per our email of Friday, with Paula Spencer essentially scrapping many plans and starting over with how we could conduct the event with minimal risk. She came up with a plan that I think everyone would agree is as flawless as possible given current circumstances.  The hotel was extremely receptive to permitting us to do things that normally are not allowed

Since that time, a national emergency has been declared,  a new Coronavirus statement has been issued from national (https://www.scca.com/articles/2013511-scca-coronavirus-statement), SCCA ProSolo, Track Night in America, Starting Line, Time Trials National Tour, Road Racing Majors, and SCCA Pro Racing events have been cancelled (some several weeks out) – all of which were outdoors.

In light of the above, with our event being indoors, at an airport hotel with travelers being on property from all parts of the country during their potentially contagious period, it was decided that we could not continue in good conscience.

At this time, all planned 2020 Central Division competition events and schools are still on. Regions are communicating separately on membership meetings and open houses.

Please cancel your registration on http://cendiv.motorsportreg.com – this way we know who has received the cancellation notice. For those with hotel reservations, we will be sending out another email early next week with information (once we reach hotel management as to what their desires are).

We appreciate your willingness to serve the club at Spring Training. We look forward to seeing everyone at events in the very near future.

Peter Jankovskis
Area 5 Director 

Kevin Coulter
Executive Steward

To cancel your registration, click on the event name, not the “edit registration” button, click on cancel registration.Fill out the form and it will send me an email so I know you received this information. 
Sue Green 
Registrar – Spring Training Committee