Fall Sprints Registration Opens Sunday, September 16

Registration for the last CenDiv and Chicago Region road race, the Fall Sprints, will open Sunday, September 16.  The race dates are October 13-14.  The format will return to the popular  qualifying + 3 sprint races + a points race!  The entry packet with all the details can be seen at http://scca-chicago.com/wp-content/uploads/2012_Fall_Sprints_Entry_Packet.pdf.  New for this year, we have separated the driver registration from the worker registration: Drivers should register at http://msreg.us/chicagoscca2012fallsprints and workers should register at http://msreg.us/chicagoscca2012fallvolunteer.  This should be a very fun year, with the return to the sprint race format and the anticipated swarm of killer Vees, a gathering of Formula Vees is scheduled and a large field of Vees will be great to see!

As has been the case in recent years, our last PDX of the season will also be run in conjunction with this race. The lunch-run PDX will be held on Sunday, October 14.  It will be a mini-PDX as has been the case, run before the points races on Sunday.  Registration for the PDX can be found at http://msreg.us/2012CHGOPDX5.