On the Green Stuff

Of all the specialties Chicago Region utilizes in the presentation of events, one seldom is recognized, understood or mentioned. Its function supplies other specialties with resources to get their job done. Correctly done it provides needed funding and support for promotion, supplies, equipment and advertising. Marketing is the unsung, unrecognized yet vitally important cog in the presentation of events. Autocross, Track Events, Road Racing, and Rally all rely on the continuing support of our sponsors and advertisers. And those advertisers rely on our communication of their products and services to our members, AND more importantly that our members use their services, buy their products and spread the word about them.

Chicago Region is blessed with an active marketing effort, in the capable hands of Bob Stone. That marketing effort secures many valuable items for our activities. It is thru our member’s support of those companies that we repay them for their support.

Road Racing benefits from the support of Continental Motors and The TireRack.

June SprintsĀ® sponsors are a who’s who of auto related services.

Autocross benefits from the ongoing support of K1 Speed,

Track events likewise has the support of Underground Autosports, PowerStop and Grand Subaru

The next time you are in the search of a car, part or service, give OUR sponsors a fair chance.