Time Trials at Fall Sprints a Success!

Chicago Region’s first Time Trials event run under the new SCCA Time Trials ruleset took place on the Saturday of the Fall Sprints Divisional race weekend. 19 drivers participated in the timed on-track sessions in 8 different classes from the Sport, Tuner and Max categories. Lap times for each of the participants were posted after each session along with the starting grid for the following session. Time Trials are run much like our track day events with limited passing zones that require a “point-by” before a pass can be made.

Photos by PJD Racing Photos

The first session was a bit messy with some over enthusiastic drivers finding themselves stuck in the softer areas of the grass off track, causing a black flag all condition so they could be “extracted”.  The incidents caused no damage to either of the cars, just some embarrassment to their drivers — and a need for a thorough washing.The second session went off without a hitch after a quick drivers meeting to adjust the grid. Everyone had at least a few good traffic free laps and ample opportunities to put down some respectable lap times.

Our third session followed the races that took place in the afternoon and several improved on their earlier sessions with some establishing their own new personal best lap times.

Results from each of the sessions and complete lap time data can be downloaded in a Zip archive.

Class Results:

TT Sport 1  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Michael Jacobi2006 CorvetteSilver1:29.1071:27.1701:27.9951:27.170
TT Sport 2  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Tony Machi2018 Honda Civic Type RRed1:24.7331:23.9721:23.1891:23.189
Kevin PrineCorvette C5Red1:23.9211:24.0931:24.3261:23.921
TT Sport 3  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Arthur Soltys2016 Porsche GT4Yellow1:19.7091:19.0061:18.5081:18.508
TT Sport 4  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Ken Devriese2004 Honda S2000Suzuka Blue1:31.0751:22.3911:22.2531:22.253
Daniel Triozzi2016 Audi S5Gray1:33.0211:25.3391:26.8741:25.339
Zach Sloan2001 Porsche 911 4Blue1:25.4561:25.660DNS1:25.456
Ryan Thomson2000 Porsche Boxter SRed1:28.1601:25.664DNS1.25.664
Jim Miglieri2005 Infinity G35Silver1:33.7641:27.170DNS1:27.170
Ivan Onofriiciuc2016 Nissan 370zBlue1:37.9721:32.0441:34.1491:32.044
TT Sport 5  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Austin Boynton2002 VW GTI 337Silver1:34.1901:30.6591:28.4911:28.491
Eric Hoffmann1987 Porsche 944SBlack1:35.614DNSDNS1:35.614
Bob Lindsay2007 Mazda MX-5White1:42.623DNSDNS1:42.623
TT Sport 6  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
James Wayner1994 Mazda Miata 1:30.2001:29.2481:30.6721:29.248
Oleksandr Marchuk2002 Mazda Miata MX-5Blue1:32.2291:31.9211:30.1651:30.165
TT Tuner 2  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Kevin Bruns1991 BMW 325iAlpine White1:27.9581:25.9221:25.3151:25.315
Eric Engl2010 BMW 135iBlack1:31.1861:29.1251:30.0061:29.125
Corey Hogan2006 Subaru WRXSilverno lap times
TT Max 3  Session 1Session 2Session 3Best Lap
Erik Vandermey2007 Mazda MX-5 MZR 2.5Gray1:28.7431:22.2611:21.0811:21.081