PDX #2 and Grand Subaru Invitational

On June 30 Chicago Region held its second PDX/Track Day of 2012 at Autobahn CC on their south course.   58 drivers participated in the evening event, spread across 1 group each of advanced and intermediate drivers and 2 groups of beginners.  The hot weather remained clear, and the cars ran until the beautiful sunset fell in the west.  Our first weekend evening was a success!

The following day, Sunday, July 1, Chicago Region hosted the Grand Subaru Invitational PDX.  This track day provided a fun outing at Autobahn, again on the south course, for invitees of Grand Subaru.  General manager Richard Drouin participated in the event, and hosted his customers for a chance to explore the limits of adhesion and fun in their Subarus.  55 people were lucky enough to be entered in the event.  After a significant morning storm swept through the Chicago area, the weather stayed dry and clear and a good time was had by all.

Registration for PDX #3, an all-day outing at Blackhawk Farms on July 30, is now open at http://msreg.us/2012CHGOPDX3.