Chicago Region & the John McGill Award

The Sports Car Club of America has recognized SCCA Road Race Regions who persevered through the 2020 pandemic by presenting them with the “John McGill Award” for significant contribution to the Club Racing Program. The recipient of this award is chosen by the Club Racing Board and the head of Road Racing.

The Chicago Region is a recipient of this award for the year 2020. The Chicago Region Board of Directors is honored to have the Region recognized for the efforts to maintain our racing program and scheduled events through this most difficult time. The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that truly did the heavy lifting to ensure the racing events took place. First, we would like to thank and recognize the Region’s Competition Committee for working through the many issues, some not even addressed and handled until the very last minute by nature of the unknowns we were dealing with. Second the Covid-19 Committee, a diverse group made up of persons from many specialties with the task of identifying issues, then create and implement the plans, responses, and resources so the races could take place. Next would be the specialty chiefs for implementing the procedures thus ensuring the safety of all our volunteer staff and the entered drivers. Last and certainly not least, all our volunteer staff, not only from Chicago Region, but those from Blackhawk Valley and Milwaukee Regions. Without your help, support, and personal perseverance none of this would have happened. 

Thank you all.

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