Chicago Region Social Gathering – October 16, 2019

The Chicago Region SCCA held our first fall membership gathering on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the WeatherTech Factory Store. The event was open to members and non-members alike and it was held in the beautiful WeatherTech employee lunch room in the building next door to the Factory Store. David MacNeil kicked the gathering off by welcoming us to the facility, inviting everyone to enjoy the sandwiches and water they provided for our guests, and shared several racing stories and information about WeatherTech. David closed with the story about Copper MacNeil’s Championship run at the 2019 SCCA Runoffs at VIR, where Copper bested his competition in T2 with a 2010 Porsche 911/Carrera S 997.2 from the families race car collection. Just before leaving for the evening, David shared with us a preview of the video presentation they had prepared for the 2019 SEMA show. Thank you David, we enjoyed our time with you and the racing stories.

David was also very kind with offering our members and guest’s discounts on a vast majority of items from the store, which many took full advantage of.

Following David presentation, “RE” Chris Gregor thanked everyone for joining us and announced the three candidates put forth by the 2019 Nominating Committee for election to the Board of Directors. They are Steve Greenhill, Dorn Lynch, and Bob Stone. Chris then introduced Chicago Region SCCA member Dr. Lori Halvorson from SOUNHAUS. Dr. Halvorson provided a chat and information about hearing protection. Two items of interest provided were; “without hearing protection in a racecar for just 30 seconds can cause permanent hearing loss” and “people in pit lane without hearing protection suffer permanent damage within 6 minutes”. All of what Dr. Halvorson provided must have hit home, because everyone was engaged in the conversation and when she opened the floor for questions hands were raised throughout the room and questions continued well after the presentation and gathering was over.

We hope everyone attending found value in the program and we look forward to our next fall membership gathering, at K-1 Speed in Addison IL. for the Chicago Region’s Annual Meeting. We have invited Sam Campillo from Hagerty Insurance to share information about what Hagerty has to offer our membership. We look forward to seeing you there.