Fall and Winter Activities

With the 2019 racing season drawing to a close, we look forward to our fall and winter activities. 

  • Coming up in October, we are planning a general membership gathering and have invited Dr. Lori Halvorson from SOUNHAUS to provide information and talk with us about hearing protection.  This presentation will be extremely valuable to our members exposed to loud noise. Date and location to be announced soon.
  • In November we will be holding our Annual Meeting required by the clubs bylaws, The 2019 Nominating Committee will present the new board members, we will present milestone membership pins and committee awards.  A program for this gathering is still in the planning stages. 
  • In February 2020 we will have our Checkered Flag Party celebrating or 2019 season, we will present drivers awards, Worker of the year award, Solo Driver of the year award and others.  

Watch Piston Patter and the Region web-site for information as it becomes available.