Kimberly’s Korner

This is the eleventh installment in our series showcasing the Historic Markers placed around the original race circuit on the public roads in Elkhart Lake.

Following the Schoolhouse Straight the first high speed straight of the 1951 / 52 race circuit the competitors approached at tight ninety degree right hand turn on to County P. This turn was named Kimberly’s Korner, yes Korner with a “K”.   The marker found at this location reads; “Named for sports car and racing enthusiast James S. Kimberly who more than any other person was responsible for bringing open road racing to Elkhart Lake”. This marker was donated by Steve Knauf (Historic Race Circuits of Elkhart Lake).

It was Jim Kimberly a Wisconsin native who convinced Fred Wacker, Dave Garroway, and Carl Broken to charter an aircraft and look at the Kettle Moraine area for a suitable location for a road race. Kimberly was active in the Chicago Region and when Cliff Tufte began building Road America, Kimberly was instrumental in development of the site by helping provide heavy equipment for the construction. In 1956 Jim Kimberley was elected president of the Sports Car Club of America, and his participation in racing began to taper off. In 1961 Kimberly sponsored an entry for Cooper Cars in the Indianapolis 500. The Kimberly – Cooper T-54 driven by Jack Brabham which was the first mid-engine car to compete in the Indianapolis 500, finished 9th that year.